FLiPorFL0P stars talk about their mind blowing divorce

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FLiPorFL0P star Christina El M0ussa says continuing to work with her ex has been business as usual — but Tarek El M0ussa admits the process remains under rebuilding.

Christina and Tarek appeared on competing morning shows Tuesday to open up about their highly publicized divorce, but they provided noticeably different answers when asked about what it's been like filming episodes for the hit home improvement show "FLiPorFL0P" amid the off-screen drama.

"We met at work," Christina told host Michael Strahan on ABC's "Good Morning America," adding they film together three or four times a week. "We worked together before we ever started dating. It's our normal."

She repeated multiple times that everything in her life is positive right now, and that their two young children are doing well despite the split

Tarek, however, admitted returning to set with his ex in the immediate aftermath of their breakup was not an ideal scenario.

"I'm not gonna say it was easy. It's like anything, there's challenges in life," he said in a pre-taped segment on the "Today" show. "We love filming, that's our job. We've been doing it a long time, and we love releasing a good product for our fans. Just try to fight through it and do the best we can."

Tarek, who has been open about his prior battle with thyroid cancer, revealed for the first time Tuesday that he was also diagnosed with testicular cancer around that time.